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All you need to eliminate your belly is a few square feet whether it’s at the gym or in your living room to complete this flab-blasting bodyweight circuit.

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Run on a track or field. Note a spot on the track that’s 20 meters away to one side of you and one that’s 20 meters to the opposite side. Turn and run 20 meters to one marker. Stop, turn the other direction, and run all the way back till you hit the second marker.

1,000 Meter Shuttle Run

Four Days Every Week

Pro Tips

The most important part of bench pressing might just be your set-up. When you lay back on the bench, make sure you line up your eyes directly under the bar. This will help for two reasons. First, it will allow you to pull the bar forward, setting your shoulders and back in the proper shelf position.

Increase Bench Press

Some New Tips To Increase Your Bench Press

Workout Routines

You’ll start first with the dumbbell hang clean before moving on to the dumbbell squat and clean, which will work your quads, hamstrings, and glutes even harder. Finish off the set with a dumbbell hang clean and squat and press to bring the progression full circle …

The 5 High Intensity Workouts

High-intensity Hurricane Workouts

Build Muscle

This muscle building, Progressive circuit may start with one ordinary exercise: the dumbbell hang clean, also known as the motion you make to rack a heavy dumbbell after a grueling set of curls. The transformation you’ll see as a result of this routine.

The Progressive Dumbbell

45 Minutes Daily

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